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My sweet little brother, you know i like you very much. But when you say stupid things like  this, i get annoyed with you.  Comparing someones oppinion to Hitlers does not mean that you are being a racist/nationalist/nazi. Buy saying that i was trying to make a point. You of all people should know that!

Atleast i got your attention and so far i have not seen a catchy come-back, just this:
--- Quote from: Draken on March 23, 2007, 12:07:54 AM --- 
Behaivour like this is not tolerated in our home. You have been warned Viggen!!!    ;) DonĀ“t compare your brother too Hitler

--- End quote ---

Which has absolutly nothing to do with our argument.

im confused. Your Brothers?

yea Draken is Viggen's Brother ;)

How come no one ever told me this  >:D

Is Draken the one that you were "fighting" when some of your aircraft got "combat damage" and had to be scrapped?  ;D (ya know, like models)


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