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Ethiopia and Somalia

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--- Quote from: Cobra2 on December 28, 2006, 12:54:56 AM ---Who cares about that little so called "war" over there  ::) let them battle... I care about the cililians but let their  druggy, psychotic, careless "Mujahideen" soldiers die.

--- End quote ---

After that comment, its easy to see why the Islamist's have a problem against America. The Muhjadeen are the Islamist Holy Warriors, and i thought that the Muhjadeen were like by the Americans in the 80's, when the USSR invaded Afghanistan?

Look what they did to our UH-60 Blackhawk pilots in the early 90's  >:(

Yes, because they were pissed that America got involved in a civil war. This one isnt, they are being attacked by a foreign power.

And it seems to me, that America has a big problem with Islamic Countries. Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Afghanistan, and alot of the Gulf Countries. Its just an opion, but considering America's "we are not anti-islamic" thing or whatever it said, they seem to be lying, and a lying country with Nuke's??

Were not but with Iran have "Death to America!", "No more America" etc. posters in their cities every where....I'll tell ya...a country like Russia or China would only take so much of it.

Just watched the news, the USA carried out air strikes in Somalia aimed at killing some Al Qaida terrorists among a group of Somalian Islamists which had retreated to the South of the country when Ethiopedian troops moved into the capital. The strike was carried out by an AC-130. As you can imagine the Somali's don't take this lightly.


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