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Im pretty sure everyone has seen the coup that has been happening in Fiji over the last few weeks. If it gets further out of hand, do we think that foreign powers will send troops (peacekeepers) there.

I know that the Australian Federal Police were over there doing something, and we have elements of the RAN over there (a Aussie BlackHawk crashed in the sea near Fiji a few weeks ago, killing people, including SAS troopers)
And the Commonwealth has kicked out the new government.

So, how do we think this will go. Another Papua New Guinea thing, Iraq, or will someone blow someone up and it will be over. (i couldnt think of a nicer way of saying it, so i just put it how i thought it)

To early to say yet, but i dont think UN will send any troops there. I think it will stabilize in time, however we might see some terrorism in the area.  :-\

There are many diffrent terrorist organisations in asia and south asia who would probably take advantage of the situation. The usual one like Al-Qaida, Jemaah Islamiya Org (JI), or Islamic Jihad Group (IJG). Most are connected or tied to Al-Qaida so its not unusual that a smaller  local organisation preforms the act of terrorism.

Fiji is only a small place, and they dont really get involved in many things, so why would there be a terrorist attack there?

Very good question Gripen.

My answer is, as soon as westerners get involved. Terroristgroups will use is to make a statment. But like i said,  we might see.  :)

its funny isnt it. If no one gets involved, a country tears itself to pieces. If others do get involved, they get killed for doing their jobs. What has the world come to??


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