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Author Topic: Former defense head to be questioned-TAIPEI, Taiwan  (Read 4569 times)

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Former defense head to be questioned-TAIPEI, Taiwan
« on: March 28, 2008, 07:10:51 PM »
Former defense head to be questioned-TAIPEI, Taiwan
TAIPEI, Taiwan -- The controversy over a private arms firm dominated a legislative committee meeting Wednesday, amid reports that the military will soon investigate several of its ranking officials, including former Minister of National Defense Lee Tien-yu, on matters relating to the firm.

The heated discussion came after the local China Times newspaper reported yesterday that Minister of National Defense Tsai Ming-hsien has requested a probe into the firm, Taiwan Goal, to determine who had leaked information on the company's secret arms talks with France to opposition Kuomintang (KMT) legislators. The paper stated that the probe will not touch on suspected irregularities regarding the company itself, as was expected by the public.

 Former minister Lee, Deputy Minister of National Defense Lin Cheng-yi and Wu Wei-jung, director general of the MND's Armament Bureau, will be questioned soon over the leak, the report said, alleging that the MND had engaged in a "purge" within the military under the facade of an inquiry.

Lin told the legislative committee that Minister Tsai Ming-hsien had asked the MND's General Political Warfare Bureau and the Department of Military Justice to investigate two issues -- whether the company Taiwan Goal had been launched by a legal process, and whether anyone in the military had leaked information about the arms talks with France.

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