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Gorshkov's refit


I think the Gorshkov's refit is going to turn out a bad investment overall for India.  I can't see sinking so much money into a old ship I question if this selection was the right path to go down. 

India pays $102m more to Russia for Gorshkov warship

Bloody hell Rock! We're back at DFI!  ;D

You make me laugh no not really I just never liked it, the Gorshkov.  I'll admit I don't know the inner makings of a naval ships well but Russia's own navy isn't very modern.  Many other ship builders and nations offer top of the line modern tech from top to bottom I just don't see Russia's ships yards producing such systems as others.  I expect further delays in getting this ship active and out to sea we all know India going to be displeased.     I think the ships design is old and the main weapon selected to operate from it and defend is in trouble, MIG isn't doing well. 


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