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How much of a threat are Iranian coastal missile boats?

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Hi alyster
I guess the American Standard missile is very good?   If you look at the shape of the Gulf it seems so thin in some sections it amazes me that during the tanker war more ships weren't destroyed.   Couldn't Iran just build 30 or 40 Silkworm anti-ship missile sites along these thin sections of the Gulf?   I guess these missile sites are just fixed targets that can be taken out easy enough either by air strikes or other means.    I assume Iran wouldn't gain much by destroying a few ships when US forces could hit back.   They could lose large sections of there military that would taken five to ten years to replace.  I guess the trade off isn't worth it or they would have done it already.   I sure the ship commanders and crews don't relax much in the narrow sections much?   

I hardly doubt that any admiral would let his aircraft carrier get into fireing range of these Irani missile boats and sites. Any adempt to get close by Irani forces would most likely be greeted by some super bugs. ANything else would be hard to understand, athough americans never stop to amaze me(and not always in a good way).

Only threat I see to USN carriers are a) Swedish Gotland class subs (was able to get a kill on a carrier in trainings)
b) any sub armed with VA-111 Shkval, which as far as I know Iran hasn't bought yet, China however has


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