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IAF fighting in Gaza Strip 01\2009-- " Cast Lead" operation

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what the world press said about that period of war? what told critics and airpower specialist OUTSIDE israel about the "cast lead" ? lets share our thoughts of what was wrong... what was right and if our air force acted right or not right....your opinions your thought about that period of times when i was sitting in my home and rockets were falling all around...was the action right or was it wrong? what do you thing about all the "cast lead" aerial front

F-111 C/C:
I agreed with it 100%. Whether it's Hamas and the Gaza strip, Al-qaeda in Iraq, or Somalian pirates, you HAVE to take a stand against outlaws!

Stand up and take the fight to them 100% I would also hit those tunnels weekly.

The Sudan convoy take out was interesting totally forgot about going through Sudan to get supplies those to Gaza, Egypt is useless.

Not hard getting weapons and other nasty things into Sudan that's for sure.  My own two cent some say I'm wrong but on some levels I still think Pakistan and Iran are connected some way.  Pakistan was training Sudan's navy how easy would it be to bring weapons right into Sudan's government/military controlled ports?

main problem that we were introduced to the world as THE agressors . we were bombarding the OUNRA (UN) school and we re killing peacefull people (meaning the Gaza people) we killed toouch people.the mass media sees us now as a killers.murderers

F-111 C/C:
Don't worry. The intelligent people KNOW what really went down and how it was justifiably dealt with. It seems like every conflict the U.S. has they have had to deal with their enemy using civilians as "human shields" the way the Hamas did, then we get criticism for 'collateral damage'.


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