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nobody doesn't know the existance of the IDF ( ISrael Defence Forces) ?  >:D questions, stuff to ask stuff to get you interested. promiss to do my best in order to get you the information that you are itnerested in...

What's the current standart issue rifel? Why did they get rid of the Galil? (That is if they did).


--- Quote from: alyster on April 19, 2009, 08:13:57 AM ---What's the current standart issue rifel? Why did they get rid of the Galil? (That is if they did).

--- End quote ---

1. standard issue rifle is still for the most of the inflantry is the M16- normal, shortened and the so-called m-4(which is basically extra-shortened m-16 there is only the plastic handle and flash hider) which is used in combats in builded territory
 there are some units that use Tavor as their standard weapon
to conclusion: the M16 didn't llost his grip in the IDF.There always will be the M16 AND tavor

2. why they got rid of Galil? the answer is simple. m16 lighter than GaLIL, it is more accurate due to the extended lenght of the barrel

much easier to carry not as heavy as M16.
basically because M16 is cheaper ( the IDF gets it for as much as app. 1-1.5  $ per unit.) and other many reasons of whom i cant tell due to lack of info... also there are reasons of adding different add-ons onto the M16 like laser,sniper, night view sights, able to join it with grenade launcher.. Galil cant make all these..
hope that answered your question

APC status?
- I still see M113s occassionally, surely they can't be the only APCs and/or will need to be replaced.

Lighter than Merkava?
- Merkava is the MBT, any lighter tanks?

as weird as this can sound but yes the M113 still are the main force in IDF APC's. there aren't any new things in that field. the Air Force is getting all the budget ;D

merkava mk1, mk2, mk3, mk4 are now the spine of the armoured corps in israel. we dont have
 tanks that are in service other than akk 4 marks of MErkava

sounds weird huh :o


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