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Title: Indonesian Missile Destroyer Escort Tender will be begin in next week
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JAKARTA - MI: Ministry of Defense estimates that the procurement process corvette type missile destroyer escort (PKR) will enter the process in Kemenhan of next week. Three countries have registered for making long-ship that is 105 meters.



"There are three candidates who had registered on TNI AL pending. There are Dutch, besides Italy and Russia, which could make a corvette's cooperation in PT PAL," said Director General of Defense Facilities Laksda Kemenhan Gunadi in Jakarta, Tuesday (9 / 3 ).

Navy Chief of Staff Admiral Agus Suhartono previously said that production of PKR could be expected this year. PKR-making will be implemented in cooperation with other countries as part of technology transfer. The government has allocated some 700 million dollars for making one PKR.

Gunadi confirmed alutsista ( defense system) not be all produced in the country. Technological constraints to be one obstacle to alutsista BUMNIS to produce high-tech. However, he insisted that the government would be as much as possible to leverage domestic capabilities.

"We make as much as possible produced in the country, but can not be held entirely in the country. For example, we create a sophisticated combat aircraft and only needed two squadrons, for now its imposible to build by myown , must work together with other countries. But, we make sure the industry in country gets the work, or we call ToT, "he said. (DM/OL-03)