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Israel 'will attack Iran' before new US president sworn in, John Bolton predicts

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Right, the Arab world will just condemn the attack and go back to selling oil and entertaining tourists. Turkey, not sure why it's even mentioned here, they'll stay silent and order some more Israeli tech.

I think Iran would not respond with a "devastating" attack, but just build new facilities according to newly learned lessons, and accellerate the program, and maybe launch some dirty attacks.

But before we all go into 'doom scenario' mode, I don't think the Israelis will attack any time soon. If/when they do, they'll do it when they feel is right and neccessary (provided that they still feel 'abandoned' by the US), not when it's convenient for US elections. I think they would give the new president actually more time, to see if he is willing to do anything about Iran so Israel does not need to take action on its own. Especially with McCain, Israel will probably stand down. Israel does have a lot of internal problems to deal with, which certainly only get worse when it becomes the 'aggressor' toward Iran. Capability wise, yes they are ready and prepared, of course. 2008 was estimated to be the year the attack was neccessary, so the Israeli air force should be all but ready now. I think progress on the Iranian side has not been that great... but I haven't had a tour of the new facilities yet?  so what do I know... ;)

By the way, how was this guy ever US ambassador to the UN? Sure sounds as if he'd like Israel to take matter into their own hands on this. Why is he making such statements? Does he have stocks in LM or the likes?

If their is war going to happen between these countries then the condition will get worse. Either country going to start the war will not get any benefit of it. I read an article about all such news on an Israeli News Website that's why I’m pretty convinced that Israel is in a real bad condition.

I've been in the military,and have always been a military buff.Don't ask me what i did please,but because i was an E-2,i had to do T.A.D.(temporary assigned duty-usually just 3 months,working somewhere different than what you signed up for)in the admirall's kitchen,and house basically.If you were to wake up in his "berthing"area,you would swear you were in a nice house.He had everything.I was on the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln.The Admiral controls the fleet,the Captain controls the ship.I was basically a waiter for him,just like a high class restauraunt.I was able to hear the admiral,and the rest of the highest ranking officers talk for 3 months while they ate breakfast,lunch,and dinner.If Israel attacked Iran,it would start a Jihad for sure.It would be 2 religions fighting each other basically.You can't forget,everyone hates Israel.Most,if not all muslims would join the fight against the"Zionists"and us.Please excuse my spelling btw.One of the reasons why we attacked Iraq,was to have a base next door to Iran.Plus the oil.Israel can't attack now because of the u.s. fighting 2 wars.We are weak right now.If anyone attacks,it would be the U.S.
There are many ways to fight a war.You don't always have to drop bombs,and invade.Think about it.We hurt China pretty good by saying there was lead in there toys and other things i can't remember.All of which we had been taking in for years.They need us buying there exports.We won the cold war by just outspending,to where we just had too much technology.Russia also had a problem with oil too that is never brought up in the cold war discussion.
Iran will be attacked.I don't know when.Probably after we attack Syria.It will take a long time,but war IS on the horizon.We need a big war,just like ww2.But like i said,there are many ways to fight a war.
One captain said that his son had just started in Anapolis,and he said he was certain,that by the time he get's out,he will see combat.Don't watch the news.Go onto forums where you can talk to people from around the world.It will give you a sense of "how hot the water is getting,or at least the temperature."Sorry this was so long,and the bad spelling too. :-[ 

Firstly thanks for this Lover, I found it well written and an interesting viewpoint. If as you say, you were party to all that high level conversation, then you were in a unique position.

I think myself that Iran must have breathed a sigh of relief when George Bush lost the election and America and the West turned to Socialism. The chance for Israel to make that strike with the supplied F-16i aircraft was lost forever. I doubt if it will happen now with Israel going it alone.
I agree with you that it will be part of a bigger shooting war to take out Iran now.
My view is that the World today is waiting for that flash point.
We all hope it never comes.

Thank you Aviator.I agree with you also.The time WILL come.Venezuala(again,the spelling)was mentioned.I forgot to mention it.I think any attack on us,or if we attacked,and it was "The Big One",would come up from there.Seems to me it would be very hard to pull off.But it would be a joint attack,or retaliation.Russia,China,hell all our enemies are friendly with Venezuala.So they could hit us in 3 different areas or more.I just don't like the idea of being land locked with a potential threat.It wasn't long ago that Russia was flying bombers to Venezuala to do excercises,and at sea as well.Why would they practice there?
Just theory though.
Will W.


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