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Israel 'will attack Iran' before new US president sworn in, John Bolton predicts

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Not that I'd like to get into politics here, but I don't think Russia will actually do anything to save Iran, more than sell weapons. They've suggested to take iran a part of their collective defence alliance, but that's just one politician. They'll probably just move against Georgia if anything. Rip of Abhasia and Southern Ossetia.

alyster I agree I don't feel Russia will do anything at all to help Iran nor do they want them to have nuclear weapons.

I agree with you 100% that trying to talk with Iran's President is a waste of time, it's useless.  Syria to me is and always has been a terrorist hub and should have been dealt with a long time ago.  You would have to look long and high for a country that has more direct terrorist involvement then Syria period.  Just think about all the jet hijacking, US Marines killing, ship attacks, terrorist that use their airports to carry out more attacks, spy network, Iran access to the Gulf, their current support to the fighting in Iraq, pick any country around Syria and not just Israel and you'll see a Syrian connection, etc.   Not to forget there current support to the Iranian group killing right now in that area. 

China will protest but there economy makes their money off the US and won't rock the boat too much.  China's government isn't stupid thus the reason over the last ten years China has began buying oil and natural gas from many other sources then Iran and or the Middle East.  I think Iran slip to only to only 16% of China's oil imports depending on which site you Google.   Africa makes up the largest percentage of their oil imports and soon the Venezuela refineries both one in Venezuela and other in China will be operational, and begin to kick in.  The United States imports more oil from South America then it does from the Middle East but Iran's oil and oil from the Gulf is still important to the worlds oil economy don't get me wrong. 

My concerns with Iran is how they split up their nuclear program, can enough be found and destroyed and the rockets/missile?   Most or I shall say a large portion of the worlds oil economy pastes through the Gulf region.  Iran's government is dooming itself to even a worse position then it's in now. 

If Israel did slam Iran, what would be the repocussions for Israel, would the rest of the Muslim/Arab world hit Israel? We all know that Israel isnt exactly popular in the Middle East, and attacking a country like Iran wouldnt help much would it??

Iran isn't loved in the Middle East and some Muslim/Arab wouldn't openly support such a attack but secretly wouldn't be against it.  For example the Saudi's who are 100% against Israel don't like Iran at all not one bit.  Iraq, UAE, Kuwait, Turkey, etc all near Iran don't want Iran to have nuclear weapons in any shape or form it would give Iran power over them and because of the crazies in the country who may have access or control over them.  It's the crazies in Iran the types who kill themselves or others and give the orders to kill other that are the problem it's for that reason alone why I don't want them to have it.  The President in Iran isn't the highest person or the controlling factor in the country that's the problem.  It's the groups and the splinter groups that worry me there not controlled now, hurting/attacking the US or a western target wouldn't be looked down at. 

I agree Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Kuweit will stay out of it, Iraq aswell. Lebanon is too weak. Hezbullah perhaps could strike again. I dont think Egypt would want to go to war with israel again either, specially over someone else's nukes. Besides their tourist sector would collapse in a war and they'd lose US support. Syria could possibly strike in a war. They have very cold relations with Israel.

Muslime world isn't so united as it seems. Some are pro US, one wants to join EU and others argue about religous differences for ages now (sunnis, shias etc.)


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