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Israel - What would you have done?

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There's a lot of media attention on Israel right now. Accused of brutally boarding a ship and shooting innocent people. Damn those nasty Israelis again!

But, if you stop to think about it, Israel knows anything they do will attract worldwide condemnation. That always happens. Yet, they stick to what's important. The security of their nation.

The ships had to be stopped. Why? Because Israel needs to insure that whatever is brought into Gaza does not contain weapons later used against Israelis. Any country would do this to protect their citizens. On the land, Israel controls the humanitarian aid and can check to make sure weapons are not also sent into the Palestinian territory. At sea, anything can be moved in without knowledge.

So, if you were tasked with stopping this convoy so that you can be certain that no weapons get to Hamas, how would you do it differently?

I think, from what little I've seen on the videos made from the "activists", the IDF should be commended for the way they handled the situation. From what I saw, there was not a peaceful or calm reception when they boarded the vessels and I'm surprised the casualities weren't higher. If activists are going to be violent in the presence of armed soldiers, they will quickly find trouble.

Was the humanitarian aid on board so important? Then land it at a nearby port and take it through to the checkpoints on land where it can be verified not to be carrying weapons.

F-111 C/C:
I totally agree with you. I think the Israelis responded to how they were received. If, like you say, there were a calm, peaceful response to their boarding then perhaps things would have gone down differently. Israel lives a continuously precarious existence in their part of the world and cannot afford to handle things differently.

shawn a:
I also agree that Israel HAD to stop and search the ship or ships. However I have a slightly different viewpiont about this incident.I have not heard any details or seen any video of the incident.
My opinion is this:  It is a well known, indisputable fact that there is a suicide mentality among those who hate Israel. And there is what I would call a PR organisation within their ranks. There is no shortage of people among them willing to offer their lives to kill as many infidels as possible. I believe this event was crafted by the terrorists to give Israel a bad image. I believe the people on those ships were on a different type of suicide mission. I believe they were told to resist the inevitable and fully-expected boarding and to die while doing so. If the ship or ships were found to be free of weaponry, then there would be a tremendous PR coup for the terrorists. A clever twist on the usual suicide mission that terrorists love so much.
Shawn A.

I dont agree!

What they did on international water was wrong. Even the most incompetent fool would acknowledged that. They could of just waited for the ships to arrive into port or into Israeli territorial waters. 

shawn a:
If you sow ice you're going to harvest wind.
The terrorists have been sowing ice for many years. Why such an outcry now at the Israelis when terrorist acts on the high seas or in "Western, infidel" countries garner no such international outcry? No demonstrations over terrorist acts, no revenge killings over cartoons and videos demeaning "The West" have occured. The neo-hitler of iran can say that Israel will be removed from the map, but no demonstrations or riots.
I stand by my opnion that this was a suicidal PR stunt. Just a new form of suicide.


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