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--- Quote from: Valiant1 on September 20, 2006, 01:14:44 PM ---I still think the Typhoon and Gripen are a better fighter than the Rafale.  On the negative side, the Typhoon may cost too much, but the Gripen and Rafale may be more affordable. 
And Mr. Alyster, I'm not talking about using nukes here.  I know Israel would have no reservation about using them and they could wipe out the enitre Middle East region, but that would put us all on the losing end.  So, I'm not worried about Israel in that respect - they were ready to use the nukes during the 6 Day War, nobody else in that region had one.
And no one will dare attack them, the US backs up Israel. 

--- End quote ---

the US does back Israel, but do you know what wold happen if America supported Israel in a war? If you thought the Americans in Iraq/Afghanistan was bad, you should see what will happen when they have the WHOLE power of the middle eastern militaries on them. the americans are good and will hand out massive casualties- but numbers will be a downfall for them.. and besides, they already have to many problems in the Mid East, why start another one?

Gripen, I wasn't talking about another war; I already opppose the war in Iraq, which I initially supported.  It' s becoming another Vietnam - something the American people don't want.   We're not war mongers - if anything it's our government who's there for other reasons - like oil.  We don't want to see our young boys and girls getting caught in anymore bomb attacks.  It's not worth it.  I'm a parent myself, and I wouldn't want to see that happen to any of my kids.  I'm glad they're still little.

For me personally, I would like to see the US pull out of Iraq and many other areas of the world w/ the exception of Europe where the US has obligations towards NATO allies, unless the allies don't want us there.  I would rather see the US government spend all those billions in fixing the economy and other internal problems we have.

what i meant is if America militarily supports Israel, then (no offence) the Muslim worlds to most hated enemies would become a greater threat to the security of the Islamic world and THAT could cause the war i was talking about


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