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Has anyone any idea what Israel is useing against Libanon at the moment?

I´ve seen them showing F16´s on the news, but you know how reliable they are..  ;)

I doubt there are many aircraft they won't be using. If my info isn't too outdated they could still be using their Skyhawks and Phantom 2000's as bomb trucks. I don't think they'd be using the Tzukit the way they did in the '67 war though. Do they already have a replacement for that trainer?

As far as I know the remaining A-4s are only used in the training role. Only 55 Phantoms were upgraded to Phantom 2000, the last were withdrawn in 2004, official farewell ceremony took place on May 12th 2004. The Tzukit (Israeli Magisters) are upgraded and will soldier on until 2010, but I agree they won't be deployed.

I would say it's clearly down to the F-16s and maybe F-15I, since they reportedly used GBU-28 bunker busters. Maybe we'll see the first combat deployment of the F-16I. Begin this year the upgrade of the F-15A/B/C/Ds was completed, so that means they could be used to employ GPS guided weapons as well. Closest base to the border is  Ramat David with three F-16C/D Block 30 squadrons, so I guess it's save to assume that they've been busy.

On the first days, I've seen Apaches (dunno if is was a Saraf or Peten) firing rockets or hellfires from medium-low altitude, quite high for an attack helicopter, but probably safer.

Ok, confirmed from estonian captain that they just hit UN base in Lebanon with a bunkerbuster and some artillery fire(155mm)  :o

So any guess which one was it GBU-24 or 28? Or just BLU-109


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