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Author Topic: Lockheed Martin Delivers AN/TPS-59 Ballistic Missile Defense Radar to Bahrain  (Read 4931 times)

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I wonder if more could be read between the lines here as Lockheed Martin Delivers AN/TPS-59 Ballistic Missile Defense Radar to Bahrain?   Because of Bahrain's location it makes sense having these radar's there to increase there protection and early warning capabilities but does it mean something?   Could US or collation weapons platforms be launch from Bahrain would the country be a target for Iranian missiles?   Let say a massive air and missile strike was made against Iran nuclear site and facilities would Iran lash out at  Bahrain?    It seems that to me that Iran military leaders would be over loaded with targets considering how many collation and American forces stationed around them.   I think missile batteries like in Iraq (Scud) will be difficult to find and destroy it a shooting war broke out.   I also think air power would be used differently as well and a greater care would be giving for missile and  command and control, not as much for basic ground forces.   I think if Iran started launching missiles out in retaliation it would be attack from all sides.    Many country's involved have interests in countries in and around Iran and all would want any fighting to end quickly.   I also think Israel won't be asked to sit out like during the first Gulf War I think everybody knows Iran will at least try to strike Israel.   I think a duel strike at least in a limited manor will be made against Syria as well at least their air bases and any Scud type missiles.   Another factor I think if Iran were to strike any other country besides Israel and maybe Iraq because of US forces there it will back fire on them.   Support would be lost and a fear factor would start in the nearby countries.   On paper most of the region is in range of Iran's missiles according to the released ranges by the Iranian government on such matters.   

The radar story link

Royal Bahraini Air Force


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