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God Bless USA:
I've read where 80% of our casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan are from IED's.  The men and women who serve deserve and should have got help sooner than they did.  Early in the war the military and goverment officials knew what they were facing.  I remember seeing vehicles available early in the war that were simular and better that the HMMWV Up-Armored Armament Carrier.  Now the IED's are larger, bigger Mine Protected Vehicles are available.   Next thing you know these same people say after the war they will no longer need them so they are a waste of money.   The men and women who serve are volunteers who are protecting our country.  I think they deserve the best.  I don't think they are getting it soon enough!

I agree more could have been done early on but the enemy has gotten better as well.   I wish countries around both war zones would do better at restricting such easy movement by these insurgents.  This is where Iran, Syria, and Pakistan play such big roles in both wars because the access is there.  The Syrian border should just be shut down along Iraq's border period and if anything moves during the night just blow it up.   Nothing stops these outsider from landing in Syrian airports and just making there way to the border.  Pakistan doing a horrible job at sealing their border if it were Indians trying to get in not one would make it.   

God Bless USA:
I agree 100%.  You read all the time about weapons being smuggled in from Iran.  You also read about what little Pakistan is doing to help.  We need alot more armed UAV's!

In Israel for example, the IAI (Israel Aircraft Industry ) producing armoured vehicles for the goverments of Chad and Taiwan...
REEM-2000 i've worked in mechanics and painting departments of these vehicles.. it was funny to paint the camouflage coloures that were ordered by Chad- off-white base and cherry bruises:))


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