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Cool, thanks!

What's the other chance that Polsih have besides MiG-29s? Four F-16s and MiG-21s still? But they are so close to their home, so they can change the planes with no problem...

Lol, they are so proud of their F-16s. When I was over there last time, they had alsorts of cool stuff linked to the Falcon.

AFAIK they haven't received their F-16s yet (first four in September 2006 according to AFM), so MiG-29 is the premier and only fighter in Polish Air Force service, unless you want to use Su-22M4 fighter-bombers fitted with some R-60s... the Polish MiG-29s seem to be in pretty good shape though. MiG-21 were retired in 2004 I think, some are reportedly sold to Vietnam.

Dec/Jan - April 2006              4x Polish MiG-29
April/May - August 2006        Turkish Air Force (probably 4x F-16s)
August - November 2006     4x Spanish Mirage F1M, 142 Escuádron, 14 Ala

We've had Belgium, Denmark, UK, Norway, Netherlands, Germany, US, now Poland, and meanwhile Italy is air policing Slovenia.

According to Hurriyet newspaper's report citing Lithuanian Ministry of Defense, Turkish Air Force F-16's will start NATO QRA operation in April 2006 for a 3 month period, as planned (and indicated above).


On August 1st 2006, the Spanish Air Force took over from Turkey. Spain is now the tenth deployment, which will take four months, and has three Mirage F.1CT fighters and 86 personnel.

Next turn is for Romania, deploying the MiG-21 Lancer C from Baza Aeriana 71.

The future of this program will get clear by the year 2011  >:(
But the news for this year is that the planes are going to be based at different times at different airfields in all 3 countries.


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