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Does any1 have any info about NATO's ORA in Baltic.
I mean now we should have Luftwaffe here(if they haven't gone away already), but who's next with which planes?
And which planes will US send to patrol the skies next to Russia  ::)

I've looked long and hard for it, but there isn't much info about it, maybe any of you know?

It seems like I have to join FSB to get some info about it  >:(

Released November 5, 2005, USAF Europe:

"The 23rd EFS is providing 24-hour air policing coverage over Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.  The 120 personnel assigned to the 23rd EFS are responsible for ensuring its fleet of four F-16s is maintained, armed and ready to launch at a moments notice while working at a bare-base environment under challenging weather conditions."

Ok, thnx. Like always, you know everything :)
Are u wortking for FSB?  :-\ :-X

Hahaha, would be interesting, but no, not FSB nor any other agency. And I don't know it all, I had to look FSB up.

Maybe in future the AIVD/MIVD in the Netherlands, but that chance is about 0.0001% as I am not even sure if I am interested in such a job.

Alyster, when the three month term is over for 23rd, the Polish AF will be next. I suppose with MiG-29s. They will also be the first detachment for four instead of three months. From then on, all detachments will stay 4 months.


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