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I just seen on the news that the US is preparing a war plan for an invasion of N. Korea, with F-22 Raptors at the front.
It seems that the US, Australia, UK, S. Korea, China, Japan and other countries are all coming up with plans for a attack on N.Korea because of their recent nuclear tests (the news said the the bomb they used was less then 1 kiloton, can anyone confirm this??). S.Korea, China and Japan (i think) have stepped up their defense because of North Koreas threat, and I know that the Australian Defence Force, and the politico's are debating wether or not to send a RAN warship to the Korean Peninsula to help with the UN embargo. China has placed its army/air force on alert incase NK tries anything, and SK are on their usual alert

Do you think that their will be another Korean War or something similar to get rid of N. Koreas nuclear threat, if you could call it that?

Well the Korean war have never ended. US and North Korea are still at war, they have only signed a seasefire agreement. And since 9/11 US have been on the warpath, so i would not be a bit surprised if they go to war again. But i really hope that this is just some scaretactics at the moment.

WW3 is long overdue and if US and North Korea go at it again, then several countries in the region will be involved. The fanatic muslims that hate US will take their chance and do as much damage as possible. Remember, the enemy of my enemy, is my friend. Basicly the world is f****d!    :P

The latest UN resolution on N.Korea(which was agreed by the US) is only economical - meaning just more poor N.Korean civilians will die this winter, nothing will change or be done about the nukes.

US didn't try too hard if they tryed at all to put in something more then economical punishment so I don't think there'll be a war. Tough I think Japan is now more intrested in buying F/A-22s and possibley US is more intrested in selling them  :P

it wouldnt surprise me in China invaded N.Korea and made it the smallest state thing of the PROC


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