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F-111 C/C:
I think we (U.S) should make North Korea a parking lot for South Korea...but that's just me.

I think (I) will stay out of this discussion,  :angel: but still want to see how it works out. :police:

shawn a:
Are there any north koreans out there who'd like to join this discussion?
I'd like to hear it from the horse's mouth.
Shawn A.

I believe the threat of a nuclear strike on someone in the region is of the gravest threat to humanity today.
The Taliban grabbing nukes and the Iranian nuclear development pales into insignificance compaired to what the North Korean maniac is likely to do.
In Pakistan the support for the Taliban quickly vanished when the people there realised the consequences of them obtaining nuclear weapons, and the peoples of Iran are right at this moment, showing their maniacal president that they won't allow Iran to go down that suicidal path either.
But North Korea's people are but minions and have no powers whatsoever. If their maniac wants to nuke someone, he will simbly order it done.

One thing I do know is where all the US nuclear submarines are at the moment.


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