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Philippines to Re-Focus on Territorial Defence in 2012


  The Philippines will shift it's priority from counter insurgency operations to defending the nations territorial integrity in 2012 with plans of several major acquisitions, a military spokesperson said ...

PN Ship BRP Gregorio Del Pilar PF-15 on patrol around the Malampaya Gas/Oil platform near the disputed maritime areas ...

What MPA does the Philippines have?

shawn a:
That's a good question.
Well, ManilaBoy45, what's the answer?
According to AW&ST Feb 6th 2012 issue, the Philippines are looking to acquire two (only two?) Long range maritime patrol aircraft within 24 months of signing a contract. Supposedly a new twin-engined aircraft with at least 8 hours of patrol endurance. Those stipulations should narrow the field.
According to the same issue of AW&ST, the US has offered to deploy P-3Cs on a temporary, rotating basis.
China will not sit still on their territorial claims in the area, and their ambitions must be countered firmly.


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