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Robrt Gates - Fool or genius?

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shawn a:
I vote - Irrational fool.
He accused the military of being obsessed with "Next War-itis" as he cancelled further F-22 production.
One of his latest statements, according to AW&ST, was that the US has a "tendancy to disarm in the wake of major wars", as he warned that fiscal realities will blunt the military's "tooth" if the pentagon cannot trim its "tail".
Hell, he's the "dentist" that's pulling the teeth!!
I want some of what he's on, because I like being irrational and oblivious.
Shawn A.

which of his UAV babies got cancelled?

shawn a:
Hi Neils,
I've been on a computer-free vacation.
I didn't pick up the fact that one of his darling babies got cancelled. Which one?
He should be happy, he's a businessman, and should look at any cancellation as a cost saving measure.
But who cancelled it?
Shawn A

Shawn, I have no idea, I just thought something like that could have been a reason for him saying that. If not, then uhm, I guess he's just afraid that his salary gets cut back as well?

shawn a:
I'm eagerly waiting for my next issue of AW&ST to get the latest scoop on the aviation world.
For the first time, I saw an interview with gates, and I was not impressed with his responses to questions.
There has to be someone better to fill his post.


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