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Russian Navy - Russia developing new aircraft carrier

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Putin said he won't run for 3rd time as President, so who knows who's the next lunatic running that thing in my backyard :(

And I wouldn't say anything lucky about it since most of us here are from the "western world"

lucky for the sake of naval aviation...

Wow, there's a surprise - Russia building a carrier!  What's really dangerous about this idea is China buying them or the building permits to the Russian design.  The world has no idea what China is up to.  They're laying low right now and getting involved in world economics and blah, blah, blah! But the fact is, they are using the money they are making off of Western companies in their country, to buy military weapons.  They say they only want to defend their land, but if you look at China's history, they've been governed by so many different forms of government, that they're taking no chances...they'll want to be the ones to impose their will on other countries, for example, Taiwan, which they believe is part of mainland China. 
The United States government should take precautions - any Russia builds and wants to sell, let us buy it THEN BURN IT! This way, the Chinese don't get their hand on it.  Let's all remember - China is ONE THIRD of the world's population - we're talking 2 BILLION of them - do you think it's impossible for Communist China to call over 100 MILLION MEN to fight a war?  What do we, as the rest of the world, have to offer to combat that enormous number of soldiers? 
Equipment for equipment, the US can still woop China in a fight - we have far better ships, still better planes and definitely better tanks.  We need to maintain our high tech weapons as well as our existing weapons - we need to deny China more access to Western technology and more arms, if we all want the rest of the world to be independent. PERIOD.

why does russian need a new ACC?

america, britain, france i get because they have protectorates in other parts of the world, so a carrier is needed, but why russia?

arent all their friends in Europe- which is reachable by their land forces?

You don't only need to reach your friends, but also your enemies. Russia still considers itself to be a world power.


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