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An updated Su-33 would certainly be better than the Mig-29K. Same weapons and avionics with better range. So we have to hope that Russia can raise the fundings for updating their Su-33. Perhaps they could even buy some Su-33UB (Su-27KUB) as trainers, because the Su-25-trainer isn't  suited for carrier operations.
I doubt the Russians can begin building the carrier in 2010. There are so many other Navy projects to be done (Tu-142 and Il-38 modifications, keeping their  submarines and surface vessels operational, construct new nuclear submarines, modification of the Su-33?), that there isn't much left for the carrier. 2015 is more probable.

Russia looks like will have carriers of displacement with 50-55 thousand dwt. Its impressed with Sevmash shipyards expertise while working on Adm Gorshkov, now called INS Vikramaditya. The Baltic plant is considered too. There is a design too called "KHKH.I of century"? I am not good at reading Russian. If there is a russian poster here, he/she can contact me. I need help on translations.


--- Quote from: RecceJet on May 17, 2005, 12:18:12 AM ---So which Third World country gets the Kuznetzov when the Russians have to get rid of it to make room for two new ones? Better put, how many countries can actually afford to maintain a ship like that? I doubt the Indians will need another carrier by that time.

--- End quote ---

 Well the Chinese will try and buy it(i.e. beg,cojole and threaten not to buy military product from Russia for it!) but I expect the Indians will get it.Its an unstable mix in that region.As the US Navy and western forces really don't have a threat in russian Acft carriers anymore,I'd fear a Sino-Indian coflict or a Sino-Russian squabble , and the russians would need a new acft carrier.China just wants one to BULLY  Taiwan into  rejoining the Family (watch and see if the U.S. won't then pop a few modern subs Taiwans way to threaten China's desire for a blue water fleet) .I believe China is "dumb" enough to  try and intimidate U.S. Pac fleets acft carriers as well as some UK task forces sailing around- The Brits may buy an older US Carrier and JSF fighters and turn the tide around! China and India are "pretender" world powers -they don't need the force projection of Acft carrier,since their interests are "regional"9 what would a Chinese task force be doing in the Gulf?What straegic needs does India have in the Mediteranian or the Pacific? But Indi and China will try for an older russian carrier-and i hope the Russkies sell a stripped hulk to them..........

China is not a "pretender " power. Far from that. With 1/6 of the world paying taxes to them they can afford to buy anything they want.  Also they have huge economical potensial and when Kuznetsov is on the selling list, then China might already be worlds leading country, if they play it smart. 
It's just a mather of time when their navy gets serious threat to west, specialy to the carriers. And I can tell you how long it will take - just as long as they make their sub's torpedo tubes big enough for Shkval.
What comes to bulling Taiwan...what should we call the Iraqs invasion then? And Chinese would love to have power in the Gulf to get the oil, just like the west.

So my opinion is that:
Do Chinese want it? - Oh yes.
Do they need it? - Not now, but soon there'll be a need if they'll want to take over U.S. place.
Will they get it? - Why not, just over pay the Indians, coz Chinese military budget is 4 times bigger.


--- Quote ---Will they get it? - Why not
--- End quote ---

Maybe US pressure...luckily Putin is not easily intimidated.


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