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Russian Navy - Russia developing new aircraft carrier

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MOSCOW. May 15 (Interfax) - The Russian Navy is launching a project to develop a new aircraft carrier, the navy's commander Admiral Vladimir Kuroyedov told Interfax.

"We are beginning work to develop a new aircraft carrier in 2005. Construction is to begin after 2010," Kuroyedov said.

"We are launching this development project and will involve leading experts to find out which materials and weapons we'll need and how many aircraft carriers should be built," he said.

Kuroyedov earlier told journalists that the navy is planning to put the new carrier into service in the Northern Fleet by 2016-17. Another carrier will be built for the Pacific Fleet, he said. "Deck aviation has a good future. A new multi-purpose aircraft will be created in a few years," Kuroyedov said.

The Russian Navy currently has only one aircraft-carrying cruiser, the Admiral Kuznetsov.

Kuznetzov has just been overhauled, so it will take long before it is sold. The new carrier is planned for 2017, with delays 2020, and then they want a second one too. So Kuznetzov has some years to go.

India is planning to develop its own carriers.

I think, after it has been retired, it will be sold to China again and end up as a theme park. Although the last one went bankrupt. Hopefully, it will become a Russia, with Russian aircraft on display. But you'll never know when the Russian offer equipment, cheap and to countries who want to build up their military. Maybe then even the USA will buy it, just to get it off the market!

Aircraft ow yeah, Su-33s with all the new fancy stuff or jointly produced MiG-29Ks. They can get you anything, as long as you pay in any solid currency.  ;D

No need to put a disclaimer for the link. If you post the photos, then yes. Or at least some reference to its source or photographer would be nice.

But eh, I know those photos, those are from a Russian website ( And looks like the guy there just linked them, which means that it steals bandwidth from the Russian website. Not the nicest things to do.

Check out for the original source and more photos (click on the thumnails and you will be taken to a gallery):

I hope the next Russian aircraft carrier will be nuclear powered, as the current Kuznetsov is still powered by a  diesel engine.
They had planned a nuclear powered in the 80s called "Ulyanovsk", but it was later cancelled.

By the way: I think that the Mig-29K would have been better suited for the Kuznetsov than the Su-33. The Su-33 is too large for a carrier like the Kuznetsov and the Mig-29K is a multirole fighter. The Su-33 is only a air superiority fighter. The big Plus for the Su-33 is its far longer range.

Sure it would be better. It's like the F-14 (Su-33) and F/A-18 (MiG-29K)... nobody likes to see the Hornet take the Tomcat's place. Even now with the upped Super Hornet. No.1 problem with the Hornet...its range. Su-33 just have to get the upgraded fire control system, and they can do multi-role as well, and maybe even better, carrying a bigger load at longer range.

It's size turned out to be not that big a problem, since they only got a handful of them.  :P But indeed they had always planned a bigger nuclear powered aircraft carrier, and that's probably why the Su-33 was preferred in the end. There was a time when a mixture of MiG-29K and Su-33 was considered the best option, and that's probably the reason why the Su-33 was developed without a decent A-S capability.


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