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scorpene v/s agosta 90 ( submarines )


hi my name is bhushan,

i wanted to know which is better as india is buying scorpene while pakistan has agosta 90b.

Just a very quick run-down of the two boats you mentioned. The Agosta 90B has only 4 torpedo tubes, but has the ability to carry Exocet anti-ship missiles with a 50Km range. That is a very big punch for a small boat, and will help keep a navy's aircraft carriers out of the region. This is a good tool: send your Exocet-carrying subs out to sea and the enemy won't know where the danger is, so they will be busy being careful everywhere instead of setting the moves.

The Scorpene on the other hand has 6 torpedo tubes, thats potentially 50% more torpedoes ready to shoot at any given time. The Scorpene is also said to be a very silent submarine, so this would give it an edge when going up against other submarines in the same category. It cannot carry the same anti-shipping missle capability as the Agosta 90B though, and this means it doesn't pose a long-range threat.

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