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South American Arms Race

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The Spike-ER sounds like a very good weapon platform with good capabilities.  Have any updated info on the Kfir upgrades?  I know it's basically a 3rd generation fighter but the Israeli's do well with what they produce. 

SAS73 do you know what anti-tank weapons Colombia uses on their homemade BTR-80s? 


Well Colombia bought around 12 new KFRIS 12 more will be upgraded and we are waitng all this new aircraft. Plus colombia bought a B-767 tanker. The new KFIRS will be the C10 version, same version that is beign used by the Ecuatorian Air Force (FAE).

SAS73 do you know what anti-tank weapons Colombia uses on their homemade BTR-80s?  Will be coming for that answer soon?

Well nonpilot the BTR-80 produced in Colombia is just propaganda their full production was false, so not even anti-tank missiles will deploy in that armored car

What do you mean "propaganda their full production was false" you sent me the link a while back.  Are say say it wasn't true and Colombia doesn't produce BTR-80?  I'm confused? 

I know what Colombia bought Kfir wise just want to know how it's coming along?  Any deliveries, advance training, weapons package, etc, anything along those lines would be interesting.


Chavez isn't playing nice

Venezuelans protest Chavez's new socialist push
By IAN JAMES, Associated Press Writer 2 hours, 24 minutes ago

CARACAS, Venezuela - Riot police used tear gas Wednesday to block hundreds of Venezuelans protesting the latest moves by President Hugo Chavez to concentrate his power. The demonstrators said a blacklist of opposition candidates and a series of socialist decrees are destroying what's left of their democracy.   Though the protest of about 1,000 people chanting "freedom!" was small compared to past marches, there is a growing public outcry over the sidelining of key government opponents ahead of state and local elections in November.

Chavez opponents also are outraged by 26 laws the president just decreed, some of them mirroring the socialist measures voters rejected in a December referendum.

"We said in the referendum that we didn't want that, and now he's put it in the decrees," said protester Josefina Bravo, a 59-year-old who wore a sticker reading "No means no" on her baseball cap. "That's the problem we have: All the powers are concentrated in the president."

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I knew things weren't peachy there and in time he'll have to keep in military happy which means expanding.  If Colombia wasn't such a good American allied I'd be worried if I live there with this guy in charge.  I wonder if north is the direction Chavez might expand maybe five years from now Nicaragua will be a bigger player in this region.  Chavez is already building refineries there now who knows what the future holds.  I still feel major Chinese arms purchases will take place between Venezuela and China. 


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