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Taiwan needs to make a decision

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I wish 1.3 billion would visit my site, LOL.


--- Quote from: Webmaster on August 23, 2011, 05:16:16 AM ---I wish 1.3 billion would visit my site, LOL.

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I'm not one of the 1.3 billion, but I do know a great many, and they are much more comfortable posting in websites in Chinese.  ;) ... of which there are also like 1.3 billion...  ???

Even if they say we want to remain "independent"... which I can see is not as easy as it sounds. As a Dutch saying goes, a good neighbor is better than a friend far-away. Make that growing economic power neighbour with a desire to trade and a friend in recession with a desire to import less and you kinda see the point in them making steps towards China. :P

Taiwan is probably best off remaining where it is now, maybe a bit more political/economical towards China to ease the climate, but still independent. Because you see "Taiwan needs to make a decision"... why on earth? It doesn't afaik. It will get those weapons eventually.

shawn a:
Nah- I just think it needs to make a decision to reduce tension and make clear the longer term ambitions of it's people.
Can't we all just get along?

shawn a:
Well, the political idiocy that is the norm in the US is showing its face again (a face that is plastered with political "makeup") in an effort by two Texas (I wonder where F-16s are made?) lawmakers to FORCE the president, through a new law, to sell the C and D model F-16s to Taiwan!
In an absolutely hilarious (and delirious) statement, Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas) said that there are 23,000 jobs in America that depend on this sale.
Cornyn and cronies propose to flip the way foreign military sales are decided upon by giving congress and its lobbyists the power to direct and instigate foreign military sales. And in effect create foreign policy. Talk about government of and by the "people"!-except they're the wrong people. I can't imagine Cornyn being the least bit concerned about this issue if F-16s were made in any state but texas.
And where did I read that the upgrade of A and B models would leave the door open for possible sales of the F-35 to Taiwan? !!!!!
 Is there some substance in the drinking water in Washington DC that causes irrationality and divisiveness?
Well, Taiwan -how about it, prc or free?


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