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Taiwan needs to make a decision

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shawn a:
Let's talk about "The elephant in the elevator", something very few people seem to wish to discuss.
Taiwan needs to make a decision, very publicly, about whether they want to be an independent nation, or want to join china.
I see no wisdom in selling to Taiwan America's latest weaponry and systems, if in the near future, they will just be assimilated into the prc, (a nation and culture that is infamous for stealing everything they possibly can--even from their "friends" (J-11B)). Taiwan needs to take a referendum of its people (free of chinese coercion, and threats of invasion) about their choice of either remaining an INDEPENDENT COUNTRY, or joining the prc, and the entire world, including china needs to respect that decision.
china has shown the world it is absolutely obsessed with taking Taiwan by any means, including a violent invasion, and has been obviously preparing for just that, as fast as the rest of the world's money can make it possible. Increasing chinese belligerence over territorial ambitions, not only concerning Taiwan, but other areas, seems to indicate that china is preparing for war, and arming themselves in a way that rivals that of Hitler's Germany before WWII.
If it were any other country on earth, making the same threats of violent invasion of a free and independent country, the UN, and the rest of the world would invoke sanctions and make contingency plans, but evidently, china is exempt from consideration of such actions. Why is this?
I don't wish to sell our advanced weaponry to a politically ambiguous nation that may, in the near future, turn over some of our more advanced technology to a nation that will take vicious advantage of the "gift"
Any opinions, you readers on baidu?

It's a democracy, KMT in power, so even if their voters want to remain independent they gave their vote to a party that doesn't need independence, but wants no unification either. So I'd say there's no need for a referendum, whether or not they don't take this principal issue into account when voting for their government. It means they agree, don't care, or think it will not happen anyway. We'll see what happens in the next election and see what the people think of this trade agreement with China.

US interests are not Taiwan's interests, so guess it's up the US to decide where this is going, and stop arms supplies if needed. But what's the advanced tech you are talking about? China has already passed the "F-16 / Hawkeye / Apache"-tech phase... what is being sold now?

The UN? China has a permament seat in the UN security council, will just veto it. Japan has a non-aggression constitution. So it's up the US, and if not, it would be anyway. Sanction China? Seriously, say goodbye to your export to China then. But the situation is much more difficult to even talk about sanctions... China owns your debt... tread carefully.

US and China are so co-dependent on eachother, that Taiwan is not worth risking the relationship. And that goes for both sides really. China has a much longer term vision, whether it can get some US weapon tech or not and whatever the situation with Taiwan will be, doesn't really change a lot about where it is going, imho.

shawn a:
Well, I see we're on the verge of kowtowing, by not selling Taiwan any modern F-16s (oxymoron, I know), instead offering to "upgrade" A and B models.
If Taiwan is going to willingly join china, then I'd rather not see any more arms sales to them. No PAC-3 Patriots.
The Taiwanese people need to make a very public statement about their desires.
And that statement needs to be honored by the ENTIRE rest of the world.
So what's with you guest readers on baidu? Sign up, include your country in your profile, and give some opinions-- Or won't your government let you?? OR, ARE YOU THE GOVERNMENT??
Shawn A

LOL, just like Google, Bing and Yahoo, Baidu spiders the forums to add the topics in their search index. That's all.

shawn a:
Not even one person in 1.3 billion is interested?


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