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Title: The "Rules" of War????
Post by: shawn a on August 24, 2015, 09:34:00 PM
Just what is it with these "Rules of War"?
If I remember correctly, it is against the "rules" to use a 50 cal. machine gun against troops. It can only legally be used against equipment and infrastructure.
How about the new one - that it against the "rules" to use a laser in an attempt to blind an enemy aviator, soldier, or sailor, but it is evidently OK to use a nuclear weapon to vaporize millions of civilians in an instant, and blind the unfortunate hundreds of thousands of civilians that might be looking in the direction of the detonation.
Shouldn't war be horrible enough to make us humans want to avoid it entirely?
If the feces hits the air circulation device, will all those involved "Go by the Rules"?