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Author Topic: United States-China arms deal.....Against Russia? (1980s)  (Read 4713 times)

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United States-China arms deal.....Against Russia? (1980s)
« on: July 09, 2008, 05:51:46 PM »
...雷欧奥特曼 says:
tell ur a secret ,china has c-130 and black hwak
...雷欧奥特曼 says:
too old

...雷欧奥特曼 says:
from1987to 1989 ,then usa agreed to sell weapons to china
...雷欧奥特曼 says:
did u know why

...雷欧奥特曼 says:
usa wanted to combine to china to fight with russia

...雷欧奥特曼 says:
...雷欧奥特曼 says:
it is impossible
...雷欧奥特曼 says:
because china's policy

This is a trusted guy, he lives in China. He says that the United States sold China some C-130s and Blackhawks - to prepare for war with Russia but the Chinese policy did not allow it.

Figures, America has always wanted to take out Russia in previous years.

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Re: United States-China arms deal.....Against Russia? (1980s)
« Reply #1 on: July 09, 2008, 11:52:44 PM »
Hi Cobra
They have copied the helicopter already and C-130s can be bought from private owners or companies so it's not breaking tech to begin with.  Having the factories to built such aircraft and the system inside it are very different then getting their hands on them.  I'm sure Pakistan show them F-16s and Iranians F-14s but building them is way different.  Look up the Z-9 series of Chinese helicopters and you'll see where China is tech wise.  There getting there and have made huge gains and are spending billions on R&D money that Russia can't even match, but still behind. 

This guy might view this as some joint venture to team up on the Russians but such things would be done on much higher levels then just equipment offers.   I would take this with a grain of salt as wishful thinking/hoping

Here a link to Chinese helicopters
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