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USS ESSEX turned away from Townsville Queensland


Townsville loses 10 million dollars in US Navy investment

A US Navy ship has had to cancel an eight-day stop at the Port of Townsville in north Queensland because there is no room.

The USS Essex was to perform its military exercise Talisman Sabre starting next week and boost Townsville's economy by an estimated $10 million.

However, the Port says it could only guarantee a three-day dock because of other commercial obligations at the facility and the USS Essex will now dock at Cairns.

Townsville Port chief executive Barry Holden says it is a regrettable but unavoidable situation.

"We've invested a lot of time and money to ensuring these ships can come in here," he said.

"If you go back several months ago there was no issue - it could have stayed here for a fortnight.

"But on this occasion now, with the sugar season having started and the contractual commitments for a number of port users, we have to restrict that number of days that were available to them."

Trevor Goldstone, the chief executive of the region's development and promotional group Townsville Enterprise, says the cancellation is a costly blow to the accommodation and hospitality sectors.

He says 400 hotel rooms had already been prebooked

USS Essex (LHD-2) is a Wasp-class amphibious assault ship carrying over 5000 men.

Rumour has it that a lot of young women from Sydney and Brisbane have been trying to get a room in Cairns hotels. Funny how dames like navy ships.

Someone'll be fired for that I bet ya

Wouldn't mind owning a business in Cairns next week that has to do with women and grog.


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