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NATO airstrike on hijacked fuel tankers sparks massive blast.

Up to 90 people, including at least 40 civilians, are dead after a NATO airstrike on two fuel trucks hijacked by the Taliban sparked a massive explosion today. Militants had seized the trucks at around midnight as they delivered fuel to NATO forces near the village of Omar Khel in Kunduz province. The NATO alliance launched an airstrike when the Taliban fighters stopped the vehicles at a river crossing, a police chief said.

I guess it's hard to pick civilians from terrorists at midnight from the air when they are involved in hijacking.

F-111 C/C:
I read it was German NATO forces who organized the strike and they said the civilian casualty numbers were much less than the Taliban is reporting. I guess they had good intelligence that said the fuel trucks were to be used by the Taliban as an IED and ordered the strike to prevent that. I say 'Good work!'

Yeah me too.
Before any European lefties or soft touches start saying anything about killing civilians in this incident, I'd like them to dwell on the scenario of French civilians all rushing down to Omaha Beach on the 6th June '44 to grab some booty. Anyone want to say that the Allied forces and Germans should have held their fire whilst the civilians helped themselves?


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