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What aircraft will north korea use?

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shawn a:
I personally don't think north korea has a version of it's "a-bomb" that is deliverable by an aircraft. I feel whatever they have is most likely a "laboratory" version of a crude fission device.
I wouldn't think that anyone would allow a north korean aircraft to intrude on South Korean airspace at this time, given the moronic rhetoric and absurd posturing that has come from the north lately.
But,I'm so out of the loop, that I don't even know if the planned exercises have even started yet!

No, delivery by aircraft is far too risky, especially with the ones they've got! Every few years there's some missiles tests, and you think they'll strap it to a 30-year old MiG? Flown by a pilot who'd rather drop it in the ocean and fly to Japan?

Don't need a large stockpile, just some good ones. Less reliable the better, means that they'll be less likely to pull the switch.

So do they now have that comms sat. into space, or not?

shawn a:
Haven't heard that north korea had put a satellite up.
A communication satellite? Can't they just use satellite phones and cell phones like the taliban?

Not up to date with this week, but last I heard they were about to launch it. Anyway mobile phones and sat. phones aren't very reliable. Mobiles require on land masts to operate. They are far too easy to bomb down if the enemy depends on them. Also mobiles use 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz frequencies. When you know that, it's far too easy to jam the communications. I'm not too familiar with sat phones, but I assume their frequencies are pretty limited aswell. Also, it's easier to tap in. Probably even more effective than jamming.

Although in Russian -  Georgian conflict for majority of the time  the communication wasn't jammed and the mobile masts weren't bombed. Anyway the radio warfare is very interesting topic, but I can't go deep into it in public. 

The theory is that they'd require it to guide their long-range missile (forgot the name), but I don't see why... just use inertial guidance like others have done since the sixties.

More important is if they can launch a sat. into space then obviously the missile works. Remember... the first Soviet ICBM was used for launching the Sputnik!

The point is putting a sat into space has little to do with communications when it comes to North Korea I'm afraid.


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