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What aircraft will north korea use?

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shawn a:
Why wait that long?? But china would, once again, never let it happen.
I like the "Ment Ali Ill" joke, and use it every time I can.
china should put a short leash on it's puppy. In order to prevent feces from impacting the air circulation device.
(not so humble opinion)

F-111 C/C:
I thought I read something about the U.S. talking to China about helping to unify the Koreas again (or did I dream that?).


Because I think that they did back when Kim Jong-il visited China in Aug 2010. But yeah, the media spend so much time joking about his fear of flying and armoured train, that we've never heard anything on the outcome?

F-111 C/C:
Yeah it might have been about that time. I think the latest actions prove his son is more of a threat that he was.


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