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What aircraft will north korea use?

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shawn a:
So, if Kim died, who's running the ship?
And I thought the recent rhetoric was attributed to his name.
Could the north be even more unpredictable and dangerous during a time of transition?
AN-2s  vs  Slam Eagles -- there's another mental image for you!!
Shawn A

F-111 C/C:
Kim Jong Il's lesser known brother, Ment Ally Il. :D :D That was too easy.

shawn a:
 :D That's good! Can I use that?
Do you think china will put it's puppy on a leash? --AND carry a doggie poop bag?

F-111 C/C:
 :D You can use that Shawn, I stole it from Dave Letterman!

I think it's an important question that which Northen Korean planes are capable of delivering korean version of the A bomb. I'm not convinced at all that they would have a large stockpile of missiles capable of carrying them anywhere and they aren't reliable either.


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