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Q&A (updated Jan 2011)
« on: November 16, 2009, 05:42:52 PM »
1. Why can't we switch themes? What happened to the new themes?

Both the upgraded milavia theme and the new default theme are no longer compatible with the latest version of the software we use for the forum. They have to be redone. When a few have been done, you can switch themes again. Please be patient, meanwhile we'll have this theme.

2. Where are our country flags?

The country flags feature is not a standard part of the forum's software, but a so-called mod package offered by one of the many people developing modifications for it. The developer has not yet upgraded the mod for the version of the forum we are running. This is understandable as this is a Release Candidate, not intended for production sites. I am confident the developer will provide a new release once the final version is done.

3. Will there be a dark colored theme?


4. How come my previous posts sometimes have words with a strange combination of characters?

These words used to contain special characters (such as � � ' � � �) which are not properly shown. Unfortunately, I can't fix this, as it was caused by the conversion of the forum's English character set to UTF-8 international standard. I should have paid more attention to it, sorry, but we're better off using UTF-8 with all the languages.

5. Why the new forum rules?

The forum rules are not new, they used to be posted as guidelines to leave them open to interpretation by yours truly. However it turned out some think guidelines are just for show.

6. What happened to the chat?

The chat room was part of the shoutbox trial. Since we are no longer using the shoutbox, I do not see the need for the chat anymore. When the forum gets busier, I will look again at the shoutbox and/or chat options available.

7. How can I keep track of what's happening on MILAVIA?

Since the forum is no longer attached to the MILAVIA website, you may want to add both to your bookmarks or RSS feeds. However the website's major updates will also be posted under the web promotions board. Today I installed a bot to post the website's updates on there, unfortunately it first posted all previous updates. Sorry for the bombardment, you can use the 'mark all as read' button, so you don't miss when there's a real NEW update posted.

8. We need more moderators, why don't you add more moderators?

Because I don't think we necessarily need more moderators. Moderators are here to monitor and moderate when needed. Posting topics is something for everybody to do and not just the job of moderators. However if you would like to help enforcing the forum rules and become a moderator, let me know.

9. What happened to the interrogations?

The interrogation room was run by one of our members: Viggen. Unfortunately Viggen does not have the time to continue it. Also, I think most of the active members had participated already and we need more new members to make it work again. If somebody else would like to relaunch it, contact me.

10. How can I contact you when the forum is down or I can't get access?

11. How come the textbox is jumping up and down?

It's something strange that is yet to fixed by the forum's developers (for all browsers). It is especially bad when you are adding text a few lines back in your post which exceed the textbox size. We're running a release candidate, so can't blame them. You can enlarge the textbox to stop it from jumping.

12. What happened to the Flight Forum?

I decided to go back to plan A, and put the forum back on my website

13. What will happen to the Flight Forum domain?

I will keep it for a while, to forward any links pointing to it. After some time, I will either sell or let it expire.

If you have any other questions, feel free to create a new topic.
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