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Airbus Delivers First A380 Super Jumbo


On Friday I received an e-mail from Airbus, inviting me to the online coverage of the official delivery of the first ever Airbus A380 to Singapore Airlines today, 15th Oct 2007, at http://www.a380delivery.com/. I missed the live broadcast, and airliners aren't really my thing anyway. But I checked it out just now, and it's quite a fancy website.

By the way, this thing is big, in case you haven't noticed  ;D

We've already seen the airplace, but not yet the Singapore Airlines cabin. I like the way they took advantage of the space for their business class and the new suites, should really make flying more relaxing. Economy class doesn't look bad either, look at the displays in the seats.

wow! that means you are important to them? Maybe they want coverage from MILAVIA :) I would definitely glad in that case... ::)

Yep, they made it sounds like that, but... no... it means I once subscribed to receive a newsletter from them.  ;D



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