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Author Topic: New Zeland Airbus A320 crash in Mediteranean Sea  (Read 14845 times)

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New Zeland Airbus A320 crash in Mediteranean Sea
« on: November 27, 2008, 09:54:43 PM »
I dint find any accidents section in the Forum, si I will post this here.

At 17h00, a NZ A320 in training flight crash in the Mediteranean sea near the French coast.

7 people were aboard, one dead was recovered at this time.

French Navy send 2 boats and one maritime patrol aircraft.


One person has been killed and six are missing after an Airbus A320 aircraft crashed during a test flight after maintenance work, officials have said.  The plane went into the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of France near Perpignan with seven people on board.  One body has been recovered and search aircraft and ships are looking for the missing people.  The plane's fuselage has been located, a French rescue official told the Associated Press news agency. The plane was last owned by XL Germany and was being returned to an aircraft leasing company. XL Germany said there were two flight crew from XL Germany and 3-5 engineers on board. The plane was undergoing maintenance checks at Perpignan airport.
The A320 is one of Airbus's most popular single aisle passenger jets


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