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Ex World Rallying Champ Colin McRae Killed in Helicopter Crash


Since we have some rally fans here, some sad news.

--- Quote ---Sun 16 September 2007 11:15

Ex World Rallying Champ Colin McRae Killed in Helicopter Crash

Former world rallying champion Colin McRae have been one of four people killed in a helicopter crash, Sky Sports reported.

The aircraft came down at Jerviswood near Lanark, which is close to the 39-year-old's country home, at about 4.10pm.

Strathclyde Police released a statement on Saturday night saying it was thought McRae was on board.

"We can now confirm that four people were on board the helicopter which crashed in wooded area, in Jerviswood," the statement said.

"The bodies were found within the helicopter which is owned by Mr Colin McRae of Jerviswood House, Lanark," police said.

McRae became the first Brit to win the World Rally Championship drivers' title with Subaru back in 1995.

He is part of a successful motor racing family. His dad, Jimmy, was a five-time British rally champion, a title Colin's brother, Alister, also went on to win.
Source: Novinite.com News

--- End quote ---

I seen it on Sky News.. I nearly cried.

I went and played Colin McRae Rally for hours after that :(


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