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Author Topic: Incredible MIG-29 combat fighter flights in Russia!!  (Read 23470 times)

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Incredible MIG-29 combat fighter flights in Russia!!
« on: November 28, 2009, 01:36:34 PM »
Dear friends!
From Country of Tourism travel agency, the exclusive touristic operator of Sokol airbase (, we are glad to offer you our really unique services - flights in a legendary Russian combat fighters MIG-29 and MIG-31, flights and flight training in L-39 trainer!!!
We offer you the following incredible flight tours in Russia:
1. Aerobatic flight on a legendary MIG-29 combat fighter
You can feel yourself as a real top-gun and try all possible aerobatic manuvers - rols, loops, tail slide, low pass, etc.
You will have an opportunity to control the fighter by yourself!!! All flights are operated under control of most experienced Russian test-pilots with 5000 flight hours background!
All details about this flight -
2. Amazing Flight to stratosphere (22 km) + Aerobatic flight on MIG-29
This program is really the best for aviation and space fans! Just few people was on the alltitude of 22 km and saw the dark sky, stars and our Globe of the Earth!!! The maximum speed is 2,8 M!!! On the back way you will try the full aerobatic complex! This experience is a deal of your life and great photos and movie are garanteed!
All details -
3. Flights and flight training on L-39 Albatros trainer
To try the jet for reasonable money and to feel all aerobatic - L-39 is the best option! All possible
manuvers will be provide to you under control of test-pilots of Russian aerobatic team RUSS.
If you want to be a member of real aerobatic team for the moment - you welcome for 30 minutes or 1 hour flights!
Details -
If you want to fly by yourself and become a real pilot - you can try our L-39 flight training!
Theoretical course and 42 flight hours - and you will be real Russian top gun!!!
Details -
4. You can present all this flight tours in Russia as a gift to your friends, partners or family members!
Details of this offer -

For any questions don't hesitate to contact me
Best regards,
Sergey Skuratov
General Director
Country of Tourism, Russia


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