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Landing on top of Everest!!!

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"On May 14th, 2005 at 7h08 (local time), a serial Ecureuil/AStar AS 350 B3 piloted by the EUROCOPTER X-test pilot Didier Delsalle, landed at 8,850 meters (29,035ft) on the top of the Mount Everest".

They actually did it, landed a helicopter on top of Mt Everest  :)

This feat has been achieved further to various flight tests begun one year ago with the Ecureuil/AStar AS350 B3 among which:

- Experimental flight up to 8,992 meters (29,500 ft) in April 2004 in Istres (France),
- “Time to climb” records to the heights of 3,000, 6,000 and 9,000 meters performed on April 14th, 2005 in respectively 2 minutes 21 seconds, 5 minutes 6 seconds and 9 minutes 26 seconds. These records smash the previous ones held by an Ecureuil/AStar AS350 B1 with respectively 2 minutes 59 seconds, 6 minutes 55 seconds and 13 minutes 52 seconds,
- Experimental flight up to 10.211 meters (33.500 ft) on April 14, 2005,
- Landing at the South Pass of Mount Everest at 7,925 meters (26,000 ft) on May 12th, 2005, establishing a new altitude landing and take-off record, previously held by a Cheetah helicopter - variant of the Lama - at 7,670 meters (25,150 ft).

With this landing on the top of the world, EUROCOPTER demonstrates that its technological innovations provide its products a length - height - ahead, set at the disposal of its worldwide customers.

Any photo available of this achievement?

I´ve found only one pic of the helicopter that achived this record.  :-\

I wonder if India is going to be interested in purchasing a few of these now for their requirement, or if they'll try to reclaim the record, possibly with a variant of their ALH?

I think many of the countries around the himalayan will be intrested, because this is a big step forward when it comes to mountainrescue.  And who knows, with time the helicopters will be even better and then we will have Everest-tourism. "Bring an oxygen-bottle and step inside the chopper and stand ontop of the world".  ;)

This may also lead to cleaning up Mt Everest of old tents and O2-bottles.  But what this may mean for militaryaviation, i dont know.


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