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MiG-31 Foxhound Flight to the Edge of Space - Moscow, Russia

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Book a flight on a MiG 31 Comrades. We need your money.

 Nothing can compare with the view from the cockpit of a MiG-31 from a breathtaking vista of 82,000 ft (25 km). Nearly three times the altitude of Everest, your view directly overhead fades into the darkness of space. Below you, the curvature of the Earth is awesomely apparent, and the horizon is 715 miles (1100 km) across. Flying at Mach 2.5, or one mile every two seconds, is the most exhilarating experience available anywhere.

A short flight away from Moscow lies the historic town of Nizhny Novgorod, and the Sokol Aircraft Building Plant. Birthplace of the MiG, the Sokol plant exports aircraft to over 30 countries and has been manufacturing MiGs for 70 years. The Russian Aviation Authority has certified all of the aircraft for these flights. Over the last nine years, more than 2,000 flights on various aircraft have been conducted with passengers from all over the globe.

This one-of-a-kind experience convinced Space Adventures first orbital space flight client Dennis Tito that he wanted to go further - we know it will do the same for you.

Available dates

03 Sep 09   (Thursday)    Places book now 
04 Sep 09   (Friday)    Places book now 
05 Sep 09   (Saturday)    Places book now 
06 Sep 09   (Sunday)    Places book now 
07 Sep 09   (Monday)    Places book now 
08 Sep 09   (Tuesday)    Places book now 
09 Sep 09   (Wednesday)    Places book now 
10 Sep 09   (Thursday)    Places book now 
11 Sep 09   (Friday)    Places book now 
12 Sep 09   (Saturday)    Places book now 
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14 Sep 09   (Monday)    Places book now 
15 Sep 09   (Tuesday)    Places book now 
16 Sep 09   (Wednesday)    Places book now 
17 Sep 09   (Thursday)    Places book now 
18 Sep 09   (Friday)    Places book now 
19 Sep 09   (Saturday)    Places book now 
20 Sep 09   (Sunday)    Places book now 
21 Sep 09   (Monday)    Places book now 
22 Sep 09   (Tuesday)    Places book now 

fitness and experience

    * You must be 18 years or older and have a medical release from your physician stating that you are in suitable health for the flight. Pass an EKG lab test and sign a release of Liability Agreement prior to departure.

what to bring/wear

    * You will need to arrange a Visa and travel insurance.

what is supplied

    * 30 Minute MiG-25 ‘Foxbat’ Jet Flight including all transfers, pre-flight training, medical check and suit-up
    * Centrifuge (launch to landing) simulator training
    * Star City Tour
    * Limousine transfers to/from Airport
    * VIP immigration/customs processing for arrival/departure
    * 4 Nights at 5 star downtown Moscow Hotel, single occupancy
    * Pre-flight briefing
    * All meals indicated in itinerary including
    * Dinner with Cosmonaut guest
    * On call transfer service for evening excursions (4 nights)
    * Special guided VIP tours of Moscow including Kremlin/Armory/Diamond Fund and Red Square
    * Guided Monino Air Museum Spa/massage session MiG model and Leather flight jacket
    * Photoframe and certificates
    * Personal cell phone
    * Professional guides, full-time in Moscow staff support and interpreters
    * Video/photography on flight day (includes in-cockpit video of flight)

more information

Price is a guide only and fluctuates depending on exchange rate and fuel costs - call for a tailored quote.

USD $22,995.00

F-111 C/C:
I'd be afraid to go up in that 'junk box'!

I guess paying customers get some instruction on the ejection seat in case it is fired. Interesting thought.

Actually I've organised a flight for you in an Su-27 Aard. Bring a second pair of underpants.

F-111 C/C:
I'd be afraid in an Su-27 too after all the ones they've lost lately!

shawn a:
I didn't get all of that stuff-No massage, leather jacket or flight suit, no dinner with cosmonaut, no centrifuge, no Monino tour, no star city, no Mig model, etc. But I did get about 1 hour in the plane, which effortlessly got up to 70,000 ft at Mach 2.3.-- Odd thing was, it all seemed tame compared to the -29 I strapped into about an hour later. Sustained 6 G maneuvers are  "enlightening" to say the least!
I'd have much preferred a flight in an F-14, -15, -16, or-18 but our lawyers over here have instilled LIABILITY as a major concern of most Americans, so our military cannot sell flights, and the aircraft companies themselves are afraid to.
Even odder,  I could do it again if I wished, but I'm having the time of my life flying aerobatics in a Pitts Special, and an Extra-300L! Those flights also last about an hour, and though we rarely get above 6,000 ft. we can pull more Gs (Max so far is 6.75 momentary)--and most importantly, although I'm not a pilot--I'm flying the aerobatics!!!
And it's MUCH cheaper!
Hmmm.. an SU-27, you say?  I could use a massage...


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