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Own and fly your own Mustang T-51


The Titan Aircraft Co Mustang T-51 Replica.

Titan Aircraft is providing a replica P-51 Mustang that combines friendly low speed handling characteristics with agility and high performance.  When operating with the 912S engine and landing gear retracted the cruise speed is 150mph. The stall speed in landing configuration is just 39mph.

Titan Aircraft is proud to introduce the T-51 Mustang, the newest addition to our family of light aircraft. The T-51 Mustang is a two-seat, dual control, tandem seat aircraft. It can be built as an N-numbered amateur built experimental aircraft or as a Light Sport Aircraft. The T-51 Mustang incorporates material and systems not commonly found in aircraft comparably priced. This, combined with Titan Aircraft?s renowned reputation for high quality products, superior aircraft performance, and outstanding customer support, is sure to provide the pilot and kit builder a very pleasurable experience.

The kit has an estimated build time of 600 hours and includes all required material, components and fasteners. The kit does not however include the engine, propeller and instruments because of different customer preferences. When equipped with the Rotax 912S engine, controllable propeller, and a full compliment of necessary flight instruments; we expect the finished T-51 to cost well under $55,000.00.

Min speed:   34 kt   39 mph   63 kmh
Cruise speed:   130 kt   150 mph   241 kmh
Vne:   171 kt   197 mph   317 kmh

Climb ratio: 1200 ft/min | 6 m/s

Take off distance over 50ft (15m) obstacle: 300 ft | 91 m
Landing distance over 50ft (15m) obstacle: 300 ft | 91 m

Max. take off weight: 658 kg | 1450 lbs
Empty weight: 386 kg | 850 lbs

Engine: ROTAX 912S
Fuel consumption: 13 GPH


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