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Physics of flight?

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Not if its upside down, because of the shape of the wing....Ahhhh!! This drives me nuts....  :o Guess im just to stupid to understand this. hehe, no wonder im unemployed at the moment.  ;D

They got wings to push the car down, so when it is inverted, it pushed them up... the force then sticks the cars to the ceiling of the tunnel instead of the road....

Unemployed? So you should have time to fnish the Viggen section,  >:D Hehe, sorry, that's too bad man. Maybe work abroad is an option, like Finland or Norway?

hey you could make you own Military Aviation Forum thing, and be the WM of that

a little competition never hurt no one!

Maybe i just need to to get back to school...

I asked a friend of mine who fly planes about this today. Guess what???  Our dear webmaster was right again, i got the same answer from my friend.  The wing will still produce lift if you are upside down, you will just need to adjust the power, give it more throttle and rudder input (dive).  It is not just the shape of the wing that makes it possible, it is all combined.  :)

No more sleepless nights for me... Thanks to you two rascals!  :D


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