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The Coolest Thing I've Ever Done!

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Well I done something thats not really cool more scary but not many folk get chance to do it

Flying into Basrah airbase in daylight with full body armour up doing a sporty type landing , in other words high then to low in a very short space of time  :)

severe muscle movements not only through sickness but my arse bricking it with fear of being shot down heheheh

Scary yeah , cool not really  ;D Stick with small private aerobatics from now on

Well, I'm going to Cali in two weeks, but I won't have any free time to do that, but it sure sounds cool!

I want to get like 15 Grand and then go to Russia and get a ride in a Mig-29 or Mig-31, but I barely would have the $400 dollars you were talking about let alone $15,000!

Must have been great!
I can tell you that doing a barrel roll in an open cockpit is cool! You get the feeling that you will fall out of it....
do you have pics from this flight??

Unfourtunatly, I was only able to take three with my cell phone and for some reason my cell and my computer won't interface, so I can't get them off of the cell. If I figure it out I will post them though.  :(


--- Quote from: iluveagles on June 06, 2008, 02:02:28 AM ---Hey, Webmaster, why did you move it? A T-6 is a vintage aircraft, and therefore historic is it not?

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Because it's more about you flying than about the aircraft.  ;)


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