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Hi Cobra
Had to look up that airport you mention PA has some good air shows to check out.  This will help find you more.

Aviation Exploration Day 2008 -- Static Display
Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Intl Airport, Avoca


World War 2 Weekend
Reading Regional Airport, Reading

2008 Lancaster Community Days Airshow
Lancaster Airport (KLNS), Lititz

Rotorfest 2008-All Helicopter Airshow
Brandywine Airport, Westchester

I was at this (Went to two or three shows in a row here and saw a Mig-29 once)


Haven't been to an air show in years I hoping to change that this summer.

Steven, I am really very sorry, I haven't been on Milavia in ages, Thanks for the links, I'm checking them out right now! I would really love going to an airshow :)

I like helping no problem I might be going to the show down on the Jersey shore at AC, Blue Angles plus two straight of flying and setups.   Should be a F-22 over fly at least maybe a B-2 as well plus tons of stuff from all four branches and reserves as well.   The US Coast Guard should make a showing as well I left them out.  Just going down a day before and a day after and you'll see a lot.   Last summer I missed it by a few days I spent a week on the shore.  I think the beginning of August but check the date it's only a 2 half hour ride me from home and 2 from work, I might go.   

Hi guys...

Singapore airshow this saturday. Black Eagles and Roulettes performing. Apparently there'll be an F-22 flypast. I'll try to get a few pictures.  >:D Finally an airshow hosted by Singapore itself.


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