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Hi. Near my father's house, a plane collector often flies his planes. He has a Spitfire, a Mustang a Tiger Moth... Sometimes CAF Hornets and Griffons fly over us. It is just so hot...

Here is the website of the collector: http://www.vintagewings.ca/page?s=65.

I forgot to tell about the magnificent red Staggerwing of the collector. It is one of the most beautiful planes I've never seen!


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--- Quote from: Gripen on November 02, 2007, 10:37:15 AM ---Right next to Canberra Airport, theres this huge shopping centre thingy (its totally bogan) and theres this cafe thing called the Runway cafe

So i was at this cafe one day, and i was watching the planes take off (as in, i could see the pilots and some of the people in the windows)

I seen a Fokker somethingarather with propellers, and about 4 different jet's, probably boeings of some desciption, but they werent the 747, 757, 737 etc, it was like a small one.

I thought they would have been more noisy, but the glass in the cafe was probably sound proofed.

Gloster Meteors and Vampires are loud..

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The two main airlines that service Canberra "International" Airport are Virgin-Blue and Qantas-Link. Qantas predominantly flies Dash-8s out of Canberra, those are the twin turbo-prop bug-smashers with high-set wings.

I haven't actually visited Brand Depot much at all. Is that where the café is? I only ever watch the activity from the Qantas lounge when I'm at the airport.

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Yeah, twas Brand Depot, the cafe was creatively named the Runway Cafe, and it has amazing views of the runway...

I wonder where they thought of such a original and entertaining name for the Cafe....

Hey, I also wanted to tell you guys a couple weeks ago an AH-1 Cobra flew by...very loud!
It was too far to tell the variant so that I am unsure of.

Well, i've had 2 (probably) different F-18's fly over me. One was for 2007 ANZAC day celebrations, it flew over my house. I could hear it coming and I couldnt figure what the hell the screaming noise was. Lol, thought it was some loser on his motorbike, then it steadily got louder. Was a F-18.

And at Bathurst, one of them did a fly over, got some pics and vids of it. Shame, he didnt go on afterburners. Still, he was going fastish..


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