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Author Topic: My new radiocontrolled aircraft  (Read 36399 times)

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Re: My new radiocontrolled aircraft
« Reply #48 on: August 13, 2008, 11:23:05 PM »
This though just crossed my mind:

-If i had a model like that, i wouldn´t have enough guts to fly with it, imagine if the thing crash  :'(

True, if it were able to fly right now. i would not dare to fly it. Thats why im practicing with smaller models so i will have the knowledge and confidence to fly the big model once its finished.  :)
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Re: My new radiocontrolled aircraft
« Reply #49 on: August 19, 2008, 10:15:12 AM »
LOL! You are absolutly right Raptor. The top of my head only reaches the yaw of my 7 year old younger brother and most of my swedish friends. But it dosent matter because im stronger then most of them anyway (just like sherpas), which surprise most people.  ;D

That's a little like me...  ;)

Weird stuff like make it do those nose-over-tail airshow stunts...  ;D

SukhoiLover-I'm quite scared to fly my cheaper models already. I can symapthize.  :(


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