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The 35 is being used commonly now, on good aircraft such as the F-35,Mig-35/1.42,and the SU-35M.

Why is the 35 used so much now,and i think all the above-mentioned aircraft are exceptional aircraft.  Does the 35 mean Excellent aircraft or is it just coincedence.

As always correct me if I am wrong in any way.

No, coincidence.

Firstly, let me correct you. MiG 1.42 was once thought to receive the MiG-35 designation, but now turns out to be used for a TVC MiG-29 derivative. Purely for marketing purposes. The TVC MiG-29 is being marketed...the MiG 1.42/1.44 isn't.

MiG and Sukhoi designation of their jet fighters started around the same time, so it is logical that they are approaches the same numbers now. But Sukhoi has been using the 3x designation for much longer anyway. MiG already used the MiG-33 designation, so the MiG-35 was next in line. It should be noted though that the military does not recognise (or only partly) these marketing/bureau designations.

The US F-35 is just because the prototype designations reached into the 30s, X-31, X-34 and X-36 were already used. I am not sure about X-33 but probably as well, so the JSF concepts got X-32 and X-35. If the X-32 by Boeing had been selected for the JSF, the designation would probably have because F-32. So the F-35 is just pure coincidence.

For 30-40 years we had the Saab J 35 (F-35 for export). Probably because Saab didn't restart their designation numbering when entering the jet era, they are well ahead of the others.

Thanks a lot.  Once again, you always seem to know the answer.

Are you sure you're not an international spy?...:P

f-35 is an good figther jet.
It carries LASM(Long anti surfase missile).
And it is an carrier airplane.


--- Quote from: Blaze7 on September 18, 2005, 07:10:46 PM ---And it is an carrier airplane.

--- End quote ---

Only the F-35C, and F-35B because of its STOVL capability. The F-35A is pretty much just a F-16 with stealth characteristics.


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